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What is Omni?


What we are building is a different kind of social platform that aims to be open and support the creator economy by providing ways to connect various social channels into one Omni profile.

What we want to do next is to build upon this concept and provide more creator monetization opportunities by enabling further integrations with other e-commerce platforms.

Who is behind Omni?


Omni is currently being developed by the Shopmatey team.

Shopmatey is a social commerce platform that combines shopping and social media. Discover new products, sell your own, or combine your products sold on other marketplaces into a single link.

You can learn more about it at Shopmatey.com or view the Product Hunt launch.

Who is Omni designed for?


Creators, small business owners, and individuals who have an audience they sell to. They could use Omni to manage their audience across various channels.

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